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Bankruptcy/Debtor and Creditor Rights








The decision of whether to file bankruptcy as an individual or business is not easy.  It requires a thorough review of  individual circumstances.  Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C. can assist you to assess whether you qualify to file bankruptcy and whether other options better serve your individual needs.

If bankruptcy is the best next step for you, Ellmann & Ellmann, PC can guide you through that process, from assessing the proper time to file, through completing and filing the petition for bankruptcy, through creditors’ meetings  and on to the end of the process, bankruptcy discharge.


Creditor Representation

Before you extend credit or provide goods or services, you should know what steps to take to provide the greatest possible protection in case payment is not made.  Ellmann & Ellmann, PC can help you obtain security interests and perfect liens, where appropriate, to give you  a priority position when debts are repaid.

We can assist you with efforts to recover money that is due to you, including through  litigation.  At Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C.,  we also are experienced in assisting creditors recover what they are due, including in situations where debtors have filed, or threatened to file, for bankruptcy protection.


Business Formation

Is your business properly structured to provide the greatest possible financial protection to you and your family?  When is it best to be a partnership?  a corporation?  a limited liability company?  Is your business protected from the personal financial exposure of co-owners or partners?  Setting up the proper structure to meet your goals, and proper maintenance of that structure,  are services that Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C. can provide.


Asset Protection

Asset ownership can be structured a number of different ways.  Are your assets held in ways that provide the greatest possible protection from potential creditors?  At Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C., we can advise you on ownership structures that meet your  asset protection goals.