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“Smart Practice” Audits

Make sure that you are exercising smart employment practices that bring out the best in your workforce and meet legal requirements.   Elllmann & Ellmann offers fixed cost audit checklists for self-audits, and attorney audits and training options in a number of critical areas, including Hiring Practices, Evaluating Employee Performance, Disability Accommodations, and Discipline and Discharge.


Dispute and Conflict Mediation

Interpersonal issues between co-workers, or between managers and employees, get in the way of potential and productivity, and cost you time and money.  A trained mediator from Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C. can work to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts and improve on-going workplace relationships.

Human Resource Management

  • Handbooks – Policy and Practice

The best way to insure a smooth employer/employee relationship is to clearly communicate workplace rules and expectations.  Well-written and well-communicated policies and practices, uniformly enforced, can reduce conflict and substantially reduce legal exposure.

  • Discipline and Discharge

When an employee is not performing or behaving well, an employer has some important decisions to make. Employee discipline and discharge decisions need to be done well to reduce liability exposure.

  • Medical Leave and Disability Accommodation

Legal responsibilities may arise when an employer is made aware that an employee has a medical condition that impacts their ability to do their job.  Ellmann & Ellmann, PC can help employers determine whether legal responsibilities exist and how to meet those obligations for legal compliance

  • Investigations: Complaints and Discrimination

Employers who promptly investigate complaints of discrimination or harassment, and take remedial action where appropriate, substantially limit their potential legal exposure.  Ellmann & Ellmann, PC can provide experienced investigators to meet this employer responsibility in a way that withstands scrutiny and avoids the taint of bias.

  •  Investigations: Misconduct

Before taking action, employers must be sure to have the facts.  Alleged employee misconduct should be fully and fairly investigated.  The action taken should be consistent with other employer decisions and commensurate with the degree of misconduct.